Bill Nordbrock

Tucson Business Club
Saturday, May 19, 2018

As the President of Tucson’s fastest growing and most effective professional referral group, Bill Nordbrock has seen first hand just how powerful networking and strategic partnerships can be.
As the Marketing Director for SCORE Southern Arizona, he has learned how important an effective marketing plan is for any business to be successful and sustainable. The ability to create and prioritize niche markets can give any business a huge competitive advantage. Bill is a published author of “The Networking Book – Generating Referrals” and has had more than 100 business tip articles published in The Arizona Daily Star. Everyone has a special gift. Bills’ is the ability to recognize strategic partnerships and opportunities for virtually any profession. He can teach anyone how to establish trust and loyalty almost immediately, how to get the relationships off the ground, so they can see incredible returns on time invested. He has a passion for teaching, and is a powerful public presenter.


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