Katie Provinziano

Founder, Westside Nannies
Saturday May 20, 2018

Katie Provinziano has been helping LA families find outstanding nannies for over a decade. A former nanny, and now mother and nanny employer herself, she is the founder of Westside Nannies and has a very personal and unique insight into the industry. Frequently called upon as one of the nation’s leading nanny and childcare experts, she has been quoted in the The New York Times, LA Times, and the Wall Street Journal and has been featured on E! News and Entertainment tonight among many others. Katie is a board member of The Association of Premier Nanny Agencies and sits on their membership committee where she evaluates and provides feedback to nanny agencies across the country as they seek APNA membership. Katie is widely hailed as industry pioneer – developing and re-imagining the way nanny agencies operate and developing new, modern business practices that have been adopted by agencies across the country. As a nod to the agency’s innovative role within the industry, Westside Nannies was recently awarded the coveted APNA Innovation Award. Under Katie’s leadership Westside Nannies has grown year after year and continues to be considered the preeminent domestic agency in Southern California.


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