Sharon Graff-Radell

Owner, Nannies by Noa
Friday, May 18, 2018

Sharon has been at the helm of TLC since she founded the agency in 1985. She has been a pioneer in the nanny industry and served on Board of Directors for The International Nanny Association for 16 years, establishing the first standards for nanny agencies and employment of nannies in the U.S. Sharon attended Washington University and Hampshire college where she studied communications and women’s studies. Her thesis on women in leadership in the 1980s led her to develop one of the first on-call networks of nannies in North America. Today she serves as a consultant for agencies and continues to work to improve and grow TLC with her sister, Stephanie and her husband, Gregg. After raising two wonderful children with the help of great nannies, Sharon expanded TLC into South Florida where she has lived since 1992.


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