Sianan Tierney

Placement Solutions
Saturday, May 19, 2018

Sianan Tierney is the current Group Strategy Director of Placement Solutions and has been with the company for 11 years formally, but if we are being realistic- her whole life- Sianan’s mother set up the company 30 years ago. Sianan has worked in all areas of the company, from recruitment, to placement and absolutely everything in between. Sianan currently oversees all aspects of the branding and strategy of the 3 Nanny related companies within the Placement Solutions family. Sianan is also a qualified Australian lawyer, and has worked in both the areas of family law, and community law as well as child protection law, but found that her true passion lies within the family business and the in-home child care sector in Australia. Rachelle and Sianan together have been instrumental in the creation of policies, systems and proven methods for the company during its growth period from a smaller agency to now overseeing a business operation with 22 in-house Agency staff and 300+ employed Nannies.


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