Stacie Gebeke

Professional Nanny
Friday May 18, 2018

Stacie has been a nanny for 27 years. She grew up in ND, moved to PA and NJ where she was a nanny for 13 years before settling in NM to continue her nanny career. She has cared for children newborn to early teens and several sets of twins. She has recently decided to leave her comfort zone behind and most days can be found letting children drop Mentos into diet soda, or mix vinegar and baking soda, is quite often found with multicolor fingers from food coloring to make the acid and base experiments more fun, and has learned how to strip wires, wire starters to battery packs and motors and get small robots to move. She is learning that life is a journey that doesn’t always move in a straight line and it is often messy, but sometimes that mess is a lot of fun and just what we need to learn.


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