Speakers & Schedule

33rd Annual INA Conference
Wednesday , May 16, 2018
1pm – 3pm Executive Board Meeting TBD
4pm – 6pm Board Meeting TBD
Thursday , May 17, 2018

Day One

9am – 12:15pm Board of Directors Meeting INA Members welcome to attend
12:30pm Board Installation TBD
1pm – 2pm Board Lunch TBD
12:00pm – 6pm Registration TBD
2pm – 5pm Optional Workshops

Your Legal & Contract Review (pre-registration + additional fee required)
Bob King

New Agency Workshop (pre-registration + additional fee required)
Caroline Malkin & Megan Metzger

Credential Exam

INA Board & Leadership Panel
Included in Conference

5pm – 5:30pm Orientation TBD
5:30pm – 7pm Opening Reception TBD
7pm – 10pm Organized Group Dinners TBD
Friday , May 18, 2018

Day Two

8am – 8:45am Breakfast Exhibitors open from 8am – 4pm
9am – 10:15am Keynote Elevate Your Productivity: What the Newest Neuroscience tells us about the Care & Keeping of your Mind & Body
Lynne Kenney
10:15am – 11am Network Break Exhibitors Open
11am – 12pm Workshop 1

Legal Ent/Taxes
Daniel Rafeedie

Elevating and Protecting Your Reputation (Panel)
Wendy Sachs, Barbara Kline, Sharon Radell, Jo Barrow

Security When Working With Infants in a High Profile or High Net Worth Home
Michele Bell

12pm – 1:30pm Lunch INA Service Award Pins & INA Nanny of the Year 
1:30pm – 2:30pm Workshop 2

Formula: What you need to know as a well-informed NCS
Tonya Sakowicz

Elevating Your Customer Serivce
Katie Provinziano

Traveling With Children
Helen McCarthy

STEAMING Your Way though Early Childhood
Stacie Gebeke

2:30pm – 3:15pm Network Break Exhibitors Open 
3:15pm – 4:15pm Workshop 3

Respectful Newborn Care
Danielle Bujnak

Financial Planning and Basic Investing for Small Business Owners
Lydia Brown

Cultural Sensitivity
Khadijah Abdullah

Insuring Your Future
Adam Griggs

5:30pm – 10pm Evening Event Friday Night Old Tucson Studio Excursion (pre-registration + additional fee required)
7pm – 10pm Organized Group Dinners TBD
Saturday , May 19, 2018

Day Three

8am – 8:45am Breakfast  
9am – 10:15am Workshop 4

Supporting Couples re PPD
Dr. Shoshana Bennett

Elevate Awareness of Your Business
Sean McGinnis

Helping and Cooperation in Early Years
Lucretia Fairchild

Nonfiction Too Good to Miss
Karen Kreider Yoder

10:15am – 10:45am Network Break  
10:45 – 12pm Workshop 5

Tongue Tie
Dr. Rajeev Agarwal

How to Attract, Nurture and Retain Your Staff
Rachelle Teycheney & Sianan Tierney

Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into Your Happy Place
Tiffany Martinson

Value Selling in a Misunderstood Market
Daniel Rafeedie

12pm – 1:30pm Lunch INA Annual Meeting and Meritorious Awards
1:30pm – 2:45pm Workshop 6

Infant Gut Health
Courtney Gibson

Ninja Recruiting
Shenandoah Davis

Sexuality Education for Early Childhood Caregivers
Denise Yankou

Owning Your Niche Market
Bill Nordbrock

2:45pm – 3:15pm Network Break  
3:15pm – 4:15pm Workshop 7

Productive Apps
Joanna Briese, Courtney Gibson, Greta Schraer

Round Tables

Meaningful Experiences in Supporting Early Language and Lit
Christy Stanton

Traditional Parenting
Margaret Stefanowicz

4:15pm – 4:45pm Caucus’ NCS, Agency, Nanny
5pm – 6:30pm Closing Reception and Raffle TBD
7pm – 10pm Organized Group Dinners TBD
Sunday , May 20, 2018

Day Four

8am – 12pm Board of Directors Meeting TBD
7:30am – 9:30am Credential Exam TBD


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See you in Tucson!

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