2023 Annual Conference

Conference Speakers

Jennifer Hassett

INA 2023 Round Table Host - Jennifer Hassett
Jennifer Hassett, M.Ed., has over 20 years of experience as a nanny, teacher, and placement coordinator. As the owner of A Perfect Fit Nanny Agency, Jennifer and her team serve nannies and families in the Phoenix, Denver, Dallas Fort-Worth, and Southern Florida areas. A Perfect Fit has been helping families find the perfect caregivers, as well as help to create lasting connections between families and nannies for over 14 years. Most recently, she launched a department devoted 100% to NCS placements. Personally, she is the mother of a spunky 3 year old girl and a shy rescue pup that was a “foster fail”. She lives with her family in Hawaii on the island of Oahu and enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, paddling, swimming, and lounging on the beach.

Round Table Discussion: Business Focus

Tips and Tricks to Running a Successful Remote Team

Jennifer Hassett, the owner of A Perfect Fit Nanny Agency is discussing tips and tricks of running a successful remote office team. She has been running and managing her remote staff since 2018 and currently has an office team of 8 staff members located in 5 states and 2 countries in 6 different time zones.


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Nash Fung

Keynote Speaker

Fuel Your Curiosity. The magic behind innovative thinking

The message is simple yet powerful: “Curiosity Matters”! Because being innovative is born from having the curiosity to: Explore what ifs, welcome new ideas, and take action. In this entertaining keynote weaving magic, engaging stories and interactive exercises, Nash will teach your team how to harness their curiosity to enhance their innovative thinking so they can create more impactful ideas together.

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