2023 Annual Conference

Conference Speakers

Lauren Holgate

INA 2023 Business Round Table Host - Lauren Holgate

After 15+ years of experience working as a nanny, Lauren’s dedication to the profession is unwavering. Her deep insights into the nanny industry fueled the creation of her own agency in 2019 where her mission is – quite simply – to raise standards in the nanny profession. This means providing families with the most professional nanny services possible, while providing talented nannies with ongoing support and development opportunities. Children deserve the very best we can give. So why shouldn’t personal, resourceful and caring always be the standard?

Lauren has a diploma in Early Years Development and qualifications in Holistic Sleep Training for babies and toddlers. She is active in the global nanny network and in 2021 she was on the selection panel for the INA Nanny of the Year.

Round Table Discussion: Business Focus

Setting up realistic expectations for clients

Join our discussion on managing your clients expectations, goals and achieving a successful placement. We will discuss how to establish exactly what the clients expect and ways to align expectations. The best way to set yourself and your clients, up for success is to align expectations.


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Nash Fung

Keynote Speaker

Fuel Your Curiosity. The magic behind innovative thinking

The message is simple yet powerful: “Curiosity Matters”! Because being innovative is born from having the curiosity to: Explore what ifs, welcome new ideas, and take action. In this entertaining keynote weaving magic, engaging stories and interactive exercises, Nash will teach your team how to harness their curiosity to enhance their innovative thinking so they can create more impactful ideas together.

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Lauren Holgate

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