2023 Annual Conference

Vendor Showcase

Ride the Wave Photography

Headshots: We welcome RTW Photography who will be offering Professional Headshots on Friday 8AM – 4 PM and Saturday 8AM – 12PM of the conference. The cost is $40. We encourage you to reserve your time now so you don’t miss out on this opportunity. Check out the details HERE

Ride the Wave Photography - 2023 INA Vendor

Household Staffing

Household Staffing is a woman-owned and operated domestic staffing agency serving high-caliber homes nationwide since 2002. We make it easy for you to find and hire long-term, in-home staff and pride ourselves on getting it right, the first time. At Household Staffing, we introduce you to the most qualified individuals to help meet the needs of your family. We make it easy for you to interview, trial, and hire an exceptional candidate through our personalized service approach. We will connect you with only the best candidate when searching for your nanny hire. We guarantee it!


Domestic | Match

Domestic | Match is an exclusive domestic staffing agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area; we partner with families around the United States.

Domestic Match - 2023 INA Vendor

HomeWork Solutions

A nanny walks into her first day of work with a new family. There is no HR rep to meet them at the door with an employee handbook, and intake paperwork. Instead, a busy parent meets them, energetic children in tow, and the work day begins.

Does this family know they are now employers? Are they familiar with labor laws? When will the nanny be paid, how frequently, and will income taxes be withheld?

In our industry, there is a solution which provides education, support, and services to not only the nanny and family, but their placement agency as well. HomeWork Solutions, right beside you on every family team. 1-800-626-4829    www.HomeWorkSolutions.com

HomeWork Solutions - 2023 INA Sponsor

GTM Payroll Services

Being paid legally has never been more important for nannies, and when you refer your family or another family to GTM Payroll Services and they become a client, you’ll get rewarded.

When approaching a family about why they should pay on the books, you can use GTM as a resource and alleviate your responsibility. We have online information to help your family understand how they benefit from paying legally, as well as info on the benefits you receive as a legally paid nanny.

If you’re a nanny that knows a family that could use GTM’s nanny tax and payroll service, send them our way. If they sign up with us, you’ll get a $75 Amazon gift card! Just fill out this form.

Visit us at GTM.com/household, or call (800) 929-9213 to learn more about our nanny payroll and tax services.

GTM Payroll Services - INA 2023 Vendor


Join our HomePay Partnership Program and put our unique benefits to work for your agency.

Award-Winning Service

For the past 30 years, we’ve been helping agencies – and their clients and nannies – with professional resources and personal support. Our service makes complying with all the household employer obligations a no-work, no-worry experience for your clients. Guaranteed.

Dedicated Partner Support

Our Partner Relations Team provides unlimited expert support for our partners and their clients – addressing tax, legal and budgeting questions during the placement process to ensuring a smooth hiring process.

Unsurpassed Referral Bonuses

We provide monthly referral reports and bonus payments for each new client you send our way.

Stop by our booth to learn more about ways we can add value to your placement process and save you and your clients time. You can also reach us at 877-367-1969 or partners@myhomepay.com.

Care.com HomePay - 2023 INA Sponsor



Enginehire is an all-in-one, fully customizable software platform for managing and automating your childcare staffing agency, loved and trusted by hundreds of agencies all around the world.

EngineHire- 2023 INA Vendor

Adventure Nannies

Adventure Nannies is a nationwide recruitment agency focused on providing nannies, private educators, newborn care specialists, and inspiring role models for globally-minded and progressive families.

We go to the ends of the earth for our clients and pride ourselves in finding unicorns.

Our nannies and private educators become trusted partners for your family, fostering your child’s creativity and planting the seeds for lifelong learning. Our role is to support parents who are pursuing their passions and their best selves, while knowing that their children are doing the same in the engaged and interactive care of an Adventure Nanny. We are proud to work with and represent families and candidates from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Adventure Nannies - 2023 INA Sponsor

Respectful Care

Respectful Care™ courses provide a solid foundation in evidence-based principles of neurological development, along with corresponding practices from traditional pedagogies such as Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Steiner and the work of Drs Emmi Pikler & Magda Gerber. Danielle is available for consulting and interviews related to all aspects of infant, child and teen behaviours and development, including sleeping, feeding/eating, toileting, social skills, emotional resilience, healthy decision-making, mental and physical health evaluations and diagnoses, blended families, and life transitions.

At Ease Family Solutions Agency, LLC

We are committed to helping professional and highly qualified service providers find placement in homes that match their areas of interest and expertise.

At Ease - 2023 INA Sponsor

Sitter Pro

Sitter Pro is a powerful booking, scheduling, and payment system that helps you save time managing the day-to-day so you can care for your clients and grow your business. With a few taps on their phone, your clients can submit a booking request, caregivers can accept the job, and both can checkout and provide feedback on their experience- all without you needing to lift a finger!

With the branded app add-on, you can also have your own agency app without going through the hassle of trying to build it yourself. The Sitter Pro system helps you give your clients the personal touch and expertise of a local business with the technology necessary to compete with the national brands. Schedule a demo today to learn more about how Sitter Pro can help your business and all standard set up fees will be waived for conference attendees who sign up through August!

SitterPro - INA 2023 Vendor

PFC Caregiver & Household Screening

PFC’s goal is to ensure that our clients make well-informed and safe hiring decisions. We do this by ensuring that the background investigations we deliver to clients are never compromised by sloppy research methods or shortcuts. We conduct thorough research so that you can sleep well at night.


PFC - INA 2023 Vendor


The Association of Premier Nanny Agencies (APNA) is a professional membership organization for agency owners who are ready to learn dynamic ways to grow their business, widen their reach, and become thought leaders within the household staffing industry.

If you’re ready to take the next step with your agency we invite you to review our membership guidelines and apply. You will be joining an elite group of agencies who have committed to ethical business practices and are passionate about supporting quality child-care and growing their businesses.

APNA’s informative annual conference, business building webinars, engaging mastermind groups, professional toolkits, and dynamic new agency accelerator program are just some of the ways you can expert to learn and grow as an APNA member.

Learn more today at www.theapna.org

APNA - 2023 INA Sponsor

Essential Screens

Our company was created to improve the quality of each background screen. We identified that many of the screens that were being run in the industry were missing information, other CRA’s were not knowledgeable about the services they offered and the turnaround time was slow. After several years of building a network of elite researchers and implementing an easy to use software program our company was launched. Essential Screens success lies in its commitment to provide high quality screens and superior customer service. Our staff is available to answer questions, to solve problems and to consult with when new regulations are introduced.

Essential Screens - 2023 INA Speaker

A Perfect Fit Nanny Placement Agency

A Perfect Fit was created from a passion for children. The nanny placement process is a unique service that entails an unwavering commitment to detail. Every family is unique, and we pride ourselves in getting to know each and every family and nanny in order to make A Perfect Fit.

A Perfect Fit Nanny Agency - 2023 INA Sponsor

Global Nanny Training

Global Nanny Training is the leader in nanny education offering online, competency-based education that leads to globally recognized credentials. With over 25 years of industry experience and a footprint in over 30 countries, we empower nannies through training, education, and advocacy.

Global Nanny Training - 2023 INA Vendor

Our Nanny Diary

The most important part of a nanny/family relationship is communication. Nannies need to convey to the family what is happening with their children during the day: what foods are being eaten, what activities are being done, and also special info like medicines and carpooling. All of the details of a busy life! In addition, families like to see the intentional planning that an exceptional nanny does- the “why” behind the what. Our Nanny Diary is designed to be part daily journal, part family planner. It has space designed to record activities, food, diapers, notes, to do lists and more. It also has special touches that help with communication on schedule, meals and other family duties. Our Nanny Diary has pages included to help with emergency contacts, packing for vacations, doctor and dentist visits, and lesson planning. Loads of resources are packed in each diary that help families and nannies stay on the same page.

We offer FOUR options including: Newborn Care Diary, Infant/Toddler, All-Ages and our most popular Housebook.
In addition, we offer several tools to help with hiring and employing a nanny including our Nanny Onboarding Kit, Nanny Evaluation Packet, Nanny Educator Packet and Job Seekers Kit for nannies seeking a new family to work with 🏠.
☀️ Stop by our table during the conference and check out our full line of printed/bound diaries, digital downloads and grab our newest download not even available on our website, Authorization to Treat a Minor absolutely FREE!
We’ll also be releasing a brand new product 🗒️at INA that you’ll want to take home and start using right away! We promise it will fit in your suitcase!! We’ll also have our stickers and #nannylife pencil sets!
AGENCIES! Stop by and chat about our Licensing Program! We can brand any of our diaries and downloads with your agency logo and colors to offer to your nannies and families. They make a great gift upon placement, or just to say Thanks!
Special pricing for INA Conference attendees will be available during the event and we even offer 🆓free shipping if you don’t want to carry your diaries home with you!
Visit us at www.ournannydiary.com and start your shopping list!
Our Nanny Diary - 2023 INA Vendor


Newborn Care Solutions®

Newborn Care Solutions Institute is your source for quality online and in-person newborn care training that ensures that you receive the most comprehensive education possible to optimize your career as a Newborn Care Specialist.

Nanny Counsel

Nanny Counsel is a nationwide Nanny Placement and Consulting Agency.  We offer professional information, resources, and services to help foster healthy, long-term relationships between Parents and Nannies.

Nanny Years

Nanny Years is a lifestyle apparel and gift brand for caregivers of all kinds. We are created for nannies by nannies, because it truly takes a village! Nanny Years offers a variety of shirts, stickers, magnets and more!

Nanny Cards

The Nanny Cards is a greeting card company serving the nanny community, and those who love, support and celebrate nannies. We provide a wide variety of nanny-based greeting cards to celebrate all the important milestones in your nanny career as well as most occasion and holiday.

Our founder started creating greeting cards simply because there were no nanny specific greeting cards out there. Tassecia had that shocking revelation during her early years as a nanny. She went out in search of a greeting card to give to her nanny kid who was getting ready to celebrate his 3rd birthday. As she walked up and down a few greeting card aisles in a few stores she found nothing and eventually had to settle for something generic. It was then she hoped that one of these companies would create a greeting card for nannies. Years later it was still not done.

Then we found ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic and we are all forced to stay home and stay apart. This is not what nannies are used to. The playgrounds and playrooms became empty and so many nannies felt alone and afraid. We all missed celebrating things in person and being able to give a hug to a loved one.

That’s when our founder she started this company. She wanted nannies to celebrate birthdays and holidays even though they couldn’t be there in person. She wanted to create a way that everyone could still send love to their friends and family without risking exposure. She wanted to do so in a way that was personal and authentic. A so she designed her very first card to celebrate “National Nanny Recognition Week”.

The purpose for our greeting cards are to send messages of love and hope throughout the nanny community. Tassecia wanted parents and agencies to recognize the important work of their nannies and celebrate them through her cards.

Our mission is to create one of a kind greeting card to celebrate and uplift nannies. We want to the world to celebrate along with us as well by send love to a nanny in their life. We believe that every nanny is important and deserves to be celebrated.

Newborn Care Specialist Association

The Newborn Care Specialist Hub for Membership & Certification. The Newborn Care Specialist Association is the leading Industry Association and Certification Entity for Newborn Care Specialists. Discover all we have to offer our members and become a Certified Newborn Care Specialist®

Clearly Nanny

Hi Superstar! You are in the right place if you’re looking to achieve your goals, break the cycle of overwhelm, become a better leader, and ultimately live your best life. The good news is that you already have access to the things that you are seeking. I look forward to helping you discover those opportunities while you’re on the journey of becoming The WOW. Cheers to continued success!

Nanny Kim on the Go

We are a Childcare Consulting Agency. We offer supportive services to:
  • PARENTS who have nannies and need extra support, or are in the process of hiring.
  • CHILDCARE WORKERS who need support with Professional Development, Soft Skills Training, Trauma and Grief Support Services.
  • We provide support to NANNY AGENCIES, ENTREPRENEURS, and SMALL BUSINESSES who need Conflict Resolution Training for their staff and senior officers.
We aim to help cultivate Professional Development in the childcare industry, and help our clients see and understand the Simplicity of Effective Communication. So that, “Starting the Hard Conversation,” can be a part of the “norm” in the Workplace.
Nanny Kim on the Go Consulting - 2023 Vendor

Abili Fit

Your families are counting on you to provide caregivers who are skilled in identifying and providing care solutions for their precious baby. They’re looking to you to help you raise strong, smart, independent kids who go after their dreams. Caregivers who know more and can do more. The long-standing infant development milestones are good, but important developmental info is left out, which can leave some infant skills underdeveloped and developmental delays undetected.

There is uncommon knowledge that makes all the difference in the healthy growth and development of infants. Grounded in medical research and decades of practice, this knowledge can be a game changer in a child’s future success!

Gibson Newborn Services

Cortney Gibson is a Newborn Care Specialist, sleep consultant, and parent educator. Her clients, however, often refer to her as a baby whisperer.

Cortney has been working with newborns and their families since 1997. She founded Gibson Newborn Services in 2004 and has expanded the company to accommodate the growing number of parents seeking her help.

She is also considered a pioneer in the art of Sleep Conditioning, a gentle, no-tears approach to establishing healthy sleeping habits in the first months of life.

Giving her clients incredibly useful tools for caring for babies, Cortney teaches magical soothing techniques to parents and caregivers all over the country. Her tips and tricks solve many problems new parents face and in turn, build their confidence as they thrive in their new role.

Nanny Tees

We’re an apparel line and lifestyle brand for nannies, household staff and caregivers. Shop our latest collections!