INA Conference Endowment

The INA Membership Conference Endowment 2024 will go to two INA Members who have never been to an in-person INA Conference before. Each will receive a registration to the INA Summit (January 12-13, 2024 Virtually) AND a registration to the INA Conference (May 16-19, 2024 in Portland, Oregon). Please note, there will be no virtual or recorded option for the in-person conference this year. 

One package will go to a caregiver member (Childcare Professional, Support Group, Newborn Care Specialists) and one will go to a business member (Placement Agency, Educator, Business Staff, Industry Service Provider, Online Recruiting Platforms, and Premium Members). Winners will receive registrations for both events only. Travel and hotel accommodations must be arranged and paid for by the individual. 

Applications will be open now through September 24, 2023 (11:59 PM US EST) 




Eligibility and Requirements

  • Current full INA Member
  • Never attended an INA Conference before
  • Fill out the Endowment Application completely, correctly by the deadline
  • Winners will need to provide transportation and lodging on their own. Conference hotel information will be announced September 1. 
  • The INA Conference Endowment is not transferable.

Those not eligible for the INA Endowment include:

  • Anyone who has attended an in-person INA Conference in the past
  • Conference presenters and sponsors who receive complimentary registration

Submission Questions

  • General information about you. Your name, email, etc. 
  • 7 trivia questions. Answers can be found on the INA Websites, or
  • Two personal experience questions. The answers must be between 10-15 sentences each and applicants are encouraged to use spelling and grammar checks.

Endowment Selection Process

When the applicant has completed all steps correctly, their name will be inputted into an online randomized selection program. One applicant from each category will be selected. Those who are chosen for the 2024 Conference Endowment will be emailed privately and announced publicly via social media.