2024 Conference


Angela Johnson

2024 INA Conference Speaker

Angela Johnson Sutherland is known to some as “the baby whisperer”, but to most she is “The Third Parent”. Her love for children began at the early age of eleven when she started babysitting during the summer school breaks. Both of her parents were teachers so I guess you could say it was in her genes.

Angela has worked with children in various ways over the past 40 years in areas such as Newborn Care Specialist, Preschool Teacher, Play Group Director/Owner, Baby Sign Language Instructor, Home Daycare Owner, Church Nursery Director, Nanny/Babysitter, and Temporary Legal Guardian to 19 military families, just to name a few. Angela holds a degree in Early Childhood Education and certification in Special Education. She has additional training in American Sign Language, Lactation Education, Pediatric Sleep Training, CPR and First Aid.

Angela loves helping new parents’ bond with their children, providing parent education, answering nanny community questions, and helping individuals or couples with adding a new member to their family. As a Newborn Care Specialist (NCS), she supports parents with all things related to the care of their newborns. Angela finds joy in providing new parents with techniques to make all their lives easier, more structured, and in many cases happier. 

Angela is the 2023 International Nanny Association’s Nanny of the Year. She founded “Ask The Nanny” in 2017, currently offering Facebook, TikTok, LinkdIn, YouTube and Instagram Live professional development podcast and short educational videos for nannies and new parents, in-person social events for nannies, doulas, midwives, lactation educators, newborn care specialist and birth workers, local and international speaking engagements and donating to charities that support nannies and families. During this time Angela has also served as the Director of Nannies for the US Nanny Association, is a board member for Delighted To Doula Nonprofit Organization and she has written articles and blogs for several nanny related magazines and organizations. 

Nanny Partnerships: Insights on Overcoming Challenges and Building Collaboration with Parents and Agencies

Join some of our seasoned nannies as they share their invaluable experiences navigating the complex dynamics between parents and agencies. They will delve into the biggest struggles they face and offer practical insights and strategies for fostering harmonious relationships. Gain firsthand knowledge on building effective partnerships and overcoming obstacles to create a supportive and nurturing environment for children.


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