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Christa Nader

INA 2024 Conference Speaker

Christa was born and raised in Erie, PA but flew south for college, obtaining her BA in Interdisciplinary Studies (Early Childhood Education) from the University of Texas Arlington. Several years, a husband, three dogs, and one toddler later, she has lived in a vibrant community in Brooklyn, NY since 2011. After working as a nanny and a teacher in public and private Montessori schools, Christa founded the KITH & KIN agency in NYC in 2016, and merged with Adventure Nannies at the end of 2019. Serving nannies and families behind the scenes at these agencies lead Christa to enthusiastically join GTM Payroll Services in 2023 as their agency partner manager, providing vital support to domestic staffing agencies across the U.S. She has been quoted in the New York Times, The Washington Post, and has previously spoken at INA, APNA, and Nannypalooza conferences, as well as at seminars for expecting parents. She can often be found gardening, hiking with her family, stretching in airports, riding the Q train to Brighton Beach, or stalling on making dinner. Christa is a lifelong learner, curious about the newest advances in educational techniques, childhood development, anti-bias education, global equity, trauma research, and climate change.

Find Your Voice: Handling Tricky Conversations with Confidence and Fairness

We’ve all been there: You’re close with your boss and normally willing to jump in when needed, but recently you’ve noticed more and more non-childcare expectations have crept up and now you’re stuck! You’re trialing for that perfect job, but now they’ve thrown a new requirement your way and you’re not sure how to professionally and tactfully discuss your thoughts without losing the job. Your nanny-kid has been having a pattern of challenging behaviors and you’re worried your boss’ approach isn’t working. How can you clearly communicate your concerns with respect while simultaneously supporting the relationship? We’ll discuss practical strategies and provide verbiage to utilize, equipping you to handle these conversations with confidence, fairness, and positivity!


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