2024 Virtual Summit


Stefanie Hudgins

Stefanie Hudgins - 2024 INA Summit Speaker

Stefanie Hudgins is a parent coach, newborn and infant specialist, lactation counselor, public speaker and owner of the highly successful Private Service Coaching program. Her background spans a wide range and depth of knowledge in the fields of childcare and child development. She holds numerous credentials and qualifications, including INA credentialed Nanny and Newborn Care Specialist; further she is certified through CACHE and Advanced certified through the Newborn Care Specialist Association, and she is a Master Newborn Care Specialist through Newborn Care Solutions. Overall, she has more than 40 years of experience as a caregiver for infants and children. Additionally, she is a Certified Lactation Consultant, Certified Holistic Sleep Coach, certified Montessori practitioner, and she holds an endorsement in Infant Mental Health as an Infant Family Associate. She is a member of the NCSA Board of Directors and serves as chair of their Continuing Education Committee. As the mother of two boys, she also brings her deep familiarity with the parent side of the child development experience.

Onboarding Well

You have the job! How exciting, contract is signed and you have a start date. Now what? What questions should you ask? What is the best way to communicate? What is “too much” before the family knows you? There are many logistical questions that need answers but you also don’t want to seem needy or overwhelm the family. This session helps you navigate this time to ensure you start confidently and your family is excited for you to start.


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