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Yshai Boussi

INA 2024 Conference Speaker

Yshai Boussi, LPC, is a family therapist who has helped teens, young adults, and families for more than twenty years. He is the author of Staying Connected With Your Teen: Polyvagal Parenting Strategies to Reduce Reactivity, Set Limits & Build Authentic Connection. Yshai is a sought after speaker and leads webinars, workshops and classes for parents, educators, and teens. He and his wife Mariah (also a therapist) are proud parents of a 15 year-old daughter, 11 year-old son, and adult foster son. Access free, practical, and useful content by following Yshai. Website yshaiboussi.com, Instagram @yourteentherapist, YouTube @yourteentherapist

How To Respond When Things Go Wrong With Teens

This workshop will provide caregivers with practical and effective ways to manage expectations and accountability with teens and young adults. Rooted in a foundation of connection, boundaries and personal responsibility are also necessary components of helping adolescents become self-confident, thoughtful, and regulated young adults.


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