2024 Conference


Briana Murphy

INA 2024 Conference Speaker

Meet Briana – the spirited force behind Your Nanny Resume, LLC! As the owner and founder, she’s not just reshaping resumes; she’s revolutionizing the nanny game. With a decade of nanny experience under her belt, Briana’s journey from nurturing kiddos to creating Your Nanny Resume was fueled by a lightbulb moment – those instances of being taken advantage of just had to stop happening, not just for her, but for all caregivers out there. A firm believer that it all starts with how you present yourself, Briana is on a mission to make sure every nanny is seen as the professional powerhouse they truly are. Because, let’s face it, when your resume screams ‘top-notch childcare provider,’ employers can’t help but treat you like the superstar you are. Her goal? To leave an indelible mark on the childcare industry – a mark that says, “Hey, childcare providers, you’re worth it, and you deserve that dream role!” So, if you’re on the journey to your ideal role and need a hand getting that foot firmly in the door, Briana is your go-to guru. Together, let’s not just navigate the industry – let’s conquer it! Ready to make waves? Briana is too! 🌟👶✨

All Things Resumes

This workshop will cover the importance of resume revision. We will discuss what each section of your resume means and what it speaks to. We will also discuss common resume questions and some ways to make your resume stand out. Lastly there will be time for some live Q&A to cover any further questions.


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