2024 Conference


Kristen Scher

INA 2024 Conference Speaker

Kristen is a mom, a certified Body Trust Provider and a family feeding coach. She works with parents of young children to help develop resilience against diet culture and strengthen children’s innate skill of intuitive eating. She is part of a growing community of health care providers that believe in shifting the focus away from weight and to more intrinsic markers of health. Kristen believes that mealtime is an early playground to practice long term life lessons like consent, pleasure, autonomy, connection and trust.

Supporting Body Trust for the Children in Our Care

Kristen is going to provide a crash course in the Health at Every Size, Body Positive and Intuitive Eating Movements. We will dive into how to model body trust and food neutrality for the kids in our care. By doing this we not only help prevent negative body image and disordered eating for our clients, but we also make peace with our bodies and relationship with food ourselves.


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